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Minecraft is love. Minecraft is life.
Crazy Craft 3.0, Shadowcraft, Minecraft, Mini-games, Minecraft mods \u0026 Random indie games!
I'm Let's Play Gamer called Lizzie!
I love cats and anything cute :3

P.S. Sorry I don't have an upload schedule! I try to post frequently but I've found that the best videos are made when I'm inspired and motivated. Trying to stick to a schedule drains away all the spontaneity and excitement from making videos. I still want to keep this as fun as possible for me so hopefully it's more fun for you to watch too!

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5 months ago
5 months ago
Steve Amies
Steve Amies 11 hours ago
jyll jynn
jyll jynn 11 hours ago
Panada panddsaaaa
jyll jynn
jyll jynn 11 hours ago
In minecraft im u and i have ldshadowlady skin and evil one also zane joined meeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
noreen muhib
noreen muhib 11 hours ago
Fox’s are my favorite animals
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams 11 hours ago
How do I join
Chloe Masters
Chloe Masters 11 hours ago
Who is watching in 2021
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams 11 hours ago
Sarah Zayed
Sarah Zayed 11 hours ago
i love the Too Pink Room
Lwd13 234
Lwd13 234 11 hours ago
You didn’t get out the portal right
Katherine Stocker
Katherine Stocker 11 hours ago
"I'm in love with an ostrich......"
The cat Parade!
The cat Parade! 11 hours ago
1. green 2. you fell while looking for pandas 3. frog prince boutique 4. death fart 5. a painting of joel in his jermyism robes
isabelle mc
isabelle mc 11 hours ago
I loved thw build battels
Miya McCluskey
Miya McCluskey 11 hours ago
did you hear her say mincraft
Joon Hwang
Joon Hwang 11 hours ago
This reminds me of Stacy's Dogcraft where Dog the cat turned out to be in league with the creepers . . . Salem and Dog would be great buddies . . .
Yisroel Weiss
Yisroel Weiss 11 hours ago
you can craft ender pearls
Ksh Premita
Ksh Premita 11 hours ago
I like the parakeet so much
Au Th
Au Th 11 hours ago
I love you Lizzie
BAD KARMA 11 hours ago
I Would. Name the dog Ella
FUNNYFACE Gaming 11 hours ago
I love it
nikki neal
nikki neal 11 hours ago
XP hunter
Momo Yaoyarozou
Momo Yaoyarozou 12 hours ago
Wow. Ten years. -28.2.21
Ričards Zustrups
Ričards Zustrups 12 hours ago
Can you make a chinese style house ?
Erika Kapitanska
Erika Kapitanska 12 hours ago
"Silk touch for 8 diamonds!?!" Me : wait a minute-
Jacquelinne Godoy
Jacquelinne Godoy 12 hours ago
Cute kiiwai🏡
Lily Zolfaghari
Lily Zolfaghari 12 hours ago
Gurvinder Singh
Gurvinder Singh 12 hours ago
Wild Angell
Wild Angell 12 hours ago
Lizzie:Dies* Joel: ....
hybrid glitches
hybrid glitches 12 hours ago
You give me so much good vibes!!!💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😊😊😊😄😄😄
Xxxcookiexx*# xxuuxx
I'm rewatching this in 2021 I love this series
Lorna Marshall-Sully
Who is whaching this 7 years after in 2021 ;-;
Mini Neji uchiha
Mini Neji uchiha 12 hours ago
i cant see the frog did you capture it????
BearyOmgPlayz 12 hours ago
14:17 ya gotta love lizzie XDDD
CHERRY DUMDUM 12 hours ago
I loved your 100 day challenge!!! (=3, plsss make more 100 day challenges cuz i love them!!!!❣❣❣❤❤❤❤
Sprinkled Donuts
Sprinkled Donuts 12 hours ago
Ep 15: everyone is in harmony Ep 25: sO tHe cHaOs bEgInS *instantly gets flashbacks to the ‘Purge’.
Chaida Chotika
Chaida Chotika 12 hours ago
The lord heroine (sorry if i spell wrong) is dead?
Elmira Shirinova
Elmira Shirinova 12 hours ago
Lizzie, can you make a tutorial on how to make the outside of the house you made?
Maggy the best
Maggy the best 12 hours ago
How about star Kayla and twinkle
Arlene Abcede
Arlene Abcede 12 hours ago
Yeyy da Comments said moon :3 Dat was mah short name in mah Roblox account (Mah Username : Moonlight_indie
Nell Gorman
Nell Gorman 12 hours ago
in 13:22 isn't that also snow whites ex bf
Decubic 12 hours ago
Haven't watched you in a while. :/
Roland szabo
Roland szabo 12 hours ago
She is still funny now tho.. Do not Comment on me... 💗Trying to make your day! 💙
its cookie queen bubble gum
i like sleep over
Enikő Márton
Enikő Márton 12 hours ago
im da cute player
Sandar Khin
Sandar Khin 12 hours ago
I knew it was in the nether
Meadow Luptak
Meadow Luptak 12 hours ago
can you name a animal nugget
Emma A
Emma A 12 hours ago
The turtle eggs need rain to hatch
Farida Alattar
Farida Alattar 12 hours ago
omg i cant believe it u guys its been a year and i still cry u guys are so cute together and ur made for each other!
Hang Hang
Hang Hang 12 hours ago
Than Zin
Than Zin 12 hours ago
My favourite bed room is too pink room
Dagmar Boban
Dagmar Boban 12 hours ago
Whats the name of the Pack?
Afton family Gacha
Afton family Gacha 12 hours ago
Diggers the only normal pet
Aliyah may Allanigue
Your so amazing bliuder!😯and I like pink room❤️
*R3dG4cha* 12 hours ago
Everyone: ldshadowlady Me: Ld in the shadows lady (you’ll get it from ep 3 or 4)
Roland szabo
Roland szabo 12 hours ago
My mind: I WANT MINECRAFT.... YOU:beach!
Helene 12 hours ago
Anybody here in 2021?
Bubble-playz 12 hours ago
you said silk touch for 8 diamonds..... you were ment to say emeralds
Uwuiest _
Uwuiest _ 12 hours ago
Hold up this is *5 YEARS OLD* I remember when this was first realised O-o
Kimberley Guthrie
Kimberley Guthrie 13 hours ago
sell dem
brother and sister video
You make the best videos
aaron agapin
aaron agapin 13 hours ago
JUST DESU 13 hours ago
Lofi-Roblox 13 hours ago
Whats the app?
brother and sister video
I love this video
Samantha M
Samantha M 13 hours ago
John Jhbhjhnbbhhfrg
isabelle mc
isabelle mc 13 hours ago
Its brown 😲😭👎
john norrie
john norrie 13 hours ago
Wishing well
Polish Android Back Up
27:46 "Im most unlucky minecraft player ever exist" People that seen The Speedrunner that lost a speedrun by a frame: am i joking you? (no hate)
brother and sister video
AmyPlayz 13 hours ago
Lizzie: makes a security death wish, trap. Future Lizie: makes a fairy horse shop but its in her land being protected.
P4nd4 Girl
P4nd4 Girl 13 hours ago
Who thinks Lizzie should play animal crossing on her channel Ok just me got it
Selena Hi
Selena Hi 13 hours ago
I’ve watched this to many times
Angelica Hautbergue
Angelica Hautbergue 13 hours ago
This was posted on my birthday last year
Mohit Sharma
Mohit Sharma 13 hours ago
Please make an app called ld shadow lady app pls pls pls pls pls pls plspls
Lukne Rumbutyte
Lukne Rumbutyte 13 hours ago
Hello, is this server is private? If its not can you put the hp?
Helena Pienaar
Helena Pienaar 13 hours ago
StacycPlays LD
Littlekitkat 13 hours ago
Uhm joey saw u kill an said its maddie a.
Aia martinez
Aia martinez 13 hours ago
I cried when this
chicken_pye 13 hours ago
lizzie:'holds aura'. also lizzie:"I need a green hairstreak. me:Uhh lizzie you know thats not a hairstreak its an aura.
Da Funk
Da Funk 13 hours ago
Can you build me a house?
its all rocky here
its all rocky here 13 hours ago
You are very good at playing minecraft