100 Days in a Minecraft World 

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Today I'm trying a challenge originated by @Luke TheNotable to spend 100 days in a Minecraft Single player world (not Hardcore though) tracking progress from day 1 to day 100... What can I achieve in the space of 100 days in Minecraft? Let's find out :D
Stats pages: imgur.com/a/QwNyi37

Seed: -8752606928398412679
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Jan 30, 2021




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LDShadowLady Day ago
For those interested, the world seed is: -8752606928398412679 on a 1.16.1 Minecraft JAVA on PC world
CozyBear ツ
CozyBear ツ 34 minutes ago
Hi Lizzie!
Rocky M
Rocky M 38 minutes ago
luennii do you know how to tame a cat?
Elmer Mendoza
Elmer Mendoza Hour ago
Hi lizzie!
Kitsune Lilly
Kitsune Lilly 3 hours ago
@Judy Same :3
Savannah Brow
Savannah Brow 5 hours ago
Ok! Thank you
Danny Fencik
Danny Fencik 6 minutes ago
You should definitely do this again!
dead cookie
dead cookie 10 minutes ago
20:57 did.... did she say diamonds?
Emerald Moon
Emerald Moon 16 minutes ago
"the turtle eggs never hatched" *why are we still here, just to suffer*
Victoria Vasiliev
Victoria Vasiliev 19 minutes ago
WOW that all i can say!
Kathrin Rosenthal
Kathrin Rosenthal 24 minutes ago
You just persuaded me to buy minecraft
Laura Smith
Laura Smith 35 minutes ago
1:25 Lizz you make it sound like it's a full project
wanzhi li
wanzhi li 43 minutes ago
How do you not get lost?🥲
Sheepy Oli
Sheepy Oli 46 minutes ago
"you can never have too much sand" me with 10 double chests full not knowing what to do with it: 😐
bryce patton
bryce patton 46 minutes ago
8 emeralds* not diamonds 21:00
Jesse Dockrey
Jesse Dockrey Hour ago
paul garner
paul garner Hour ago
I. Love your videos
paul garner
paul garner Hour ago
I love your videos
Yhünī Vęrse
I haven’t watched your channel in legitimate years and I’m crying! You’ve grown so much and your so much more confident!! I love your videos!
Lena Divkovic
Lena Divkovic Hour ago
Why is this so cool
Kelise McDuel
Kelise McDuel Hour ago
When you said the villagers worship some demon I almost spat my tea out all over my laptop-
Kevin Capazzi
Kevin Capazzi Hour ago
I know it’s not choice but I love your British accent it’s just so cute
abelia 2 hours ago
I’ve been watching LDShadowLady since 2013 and I refuse to stop.
cassidy UvU
cassidy UvU 2 hours ago
ldshadowlady its me that girl UvU974 of adopt me
Zoeys Donut
Zoeys Donut 2 hours ago
The poor pigs
Maja Malovic
Maja Malovic 2 hours ago
Kalei Hookano
Kalei Hookano 2 hours ago
“Silk touch for 8 Diamonds!”
Lyric Grabowski
Lyric Grabowski 2 hours ago
for 8 "diamonds" its emeralds LDShadowLady emeralds lol
The_ Wolf
The_ Wolf 3 hours ago
Men vs women in 100 days of Minecraft - i really like this
splash force
splash force 3 hours ago
The elderly breakfast roughly mend because estimate regionally rule above a ready sort. empty, spectacular waterfall
Bridget Agyeipong
Bridget Agyeipong 3 hours ago
Your avatar is that girl from redo of healer
gon freecss
gon freecss 4 hours ago
Im gonna try and play along using the seed ^v^
LOLCAT Owner Minecraft Luanguage
Day 200 Next?????
Jeremy Harrod
Jeremy Harrod 4 hours ago
I made a house emtpy and I made all that in a week ;-;
Simple Blueberry Cow
It’s real
Simple Blueberry Cow
Me eating mc to
Cotton_ GachaYT
Cotton_ GachaYT 4 hours ago
Mariana Martinez
Mariana Martinez 4 hours ago
I subscribe to elley shadow❤💖💕
Hey Pixie!
Hey Pixie! 4 hours ago
Legends says that the horse is still there
LPS June
LPS June 4 hours ago
MetalFrogg 4 hours ago
20:56 '8 diamonds'
nano gulordava
nano gulordava 4 hours ago
I love your videos
MetalFrogg 5 hours ago
I have a sneaking suspicion that this might be fake. She managed to get two enchants on her diamond pickaxe and sword near the beginning despite not having an anvil. You can't double enchant items in an enchanting table, after the first enchant you have to resort to combining items with an anvil. Go ahead and check her house for anvils before day 30, she never had one. She only made one on day 77. How did she find the time to do all this stuff too? Not once have I seen her grind many resources for long yet she's able to splurge on huge amounts of projects with seemingly no shortages. She's obviously stealing an idea and halfheartedly faking it for views and money.
Joey Larson
Joey Larson 5 hours ago
I love her accent its cute :3
confuseddummy_ 5 hours ago
"Then i finally enchanted my diamond sword with... looTING.. how disappoinTING" she rhymed :D
Happi Camille
Happi Camille 5 hours ago
Does anyone know what her shader is called and how to get it? :)
K C 5 hours ago
Does anyone know the shaders she used?
So What If I Did?
So What If I Did? 5 hours ago
So long already = 18 Days -_-
Kelly Dawkins
Kelly Dawkins 5 hours ago
I've came back from 1 year still love watching u!
swuggui 5 hours ago
elizabella 5 hours ago
“But what’s this? Silk touch for 8 diamonds?” no. E M E R A L D S
Fuyumi todoroki
Fuyumi todoroki 6 hours ago
When Lizzie eats nuggets: piggy
lilia ramirez
lilia ramirez 6 hours ago
The barrels make the villagers into a fisherman.
Official Mangoes
Official Mangoes 6 hours ago
What is the shader I really like it.
Devrie Christensen
Devrie Christensen 6 hours ago
For you’re hot tub go to the pond and fill you’re bucket 3 times then put them on all the sides
lilia ramirez
lilia ramirez 6 hours ago
Part of the new thing they put on Minecraft.
Sarah Lyons
Sarah Lyons 6 hours ago
Girls with goals
Girls with goals 6 hours ago
“Campfire contraption” add “ooohhh you are not gonna see that good stuff” the add “Heyyy it’s me... your skin” me ughhhhhhhhhh noooooo YOUTUUUBBE
I give water guns full of cat pee to children
I put my horse in a hole
The Gardiner Family
Lol for the silk touch one she said eight 💎 instead of eight emeralds
Charlie Cutler
Charlie Cutler 7 hours ago
“Now it’s practical AND pretty” *love that*
Little Miss Epic
Little Miss Epic 7 hours ago
wow u really inspire me to do survival on mincraft
Allison 2013
Allison 2013 7 hours ago
Reggie Jackson-Plume
ldshadowlady paye roblox
Alihanys sanabria
Alihanys sanabria 7 hours ago
Still no høńęÿ
Amna Kashif
Amna Kashif 7 hours ago
That bee died at day 13 and 13 is an unlucky number poor bee
Elias Topol
Elias Topol 7 hours ago
Does anybody else notice on day eight she called the iron helmet a hat!?!
Honestly I watched this 26 times cuz this is the only good 100 day Minecraft challenge video I have ever seeeeeeeen
Tricia Dodd
Tricia Dodd 8 hours ago
20:57 8 diamonds? Me: Their emeralds. :/
Fun Stuff With Lelé
For the turtle eggs, I think u need adult turtles too...
DashOfgames 45
DashOfgames 45 8 hours ago
•Milly• 8 hours ago
20:56 its emeralds.... Btw your soo aesthetic
Sophie Leather
Sophie Leather 8 hours ago
100 days in mincraft wow the must be pro by the way i lo ve this video
Zac S
Zac S 8 hours ago
I love you Lizzie
Obscurity 9 hours ago
shut up
Zac S
Zac S 9 hours ago
I play vanilla Minecraft to Lizzie
Bella Eskender
Bella Eskender 9 hours ago
deku m
deku m 9 hours ago
Do 200 like jool
Merel Bos
Merel Bos 9 hours ago
Jeij bent goet ik wau dat ik ook zo goet kon
Elena Lapcevic
Elena Lapcevic 9 hours ago
I keep re-watching this 👁️👄👁️
Tiukster Tiugu
Tiukster Tiugu 9 hours ago
I really wanna know what's the texture pack?
Annabelle Edgar
Annabelle Edgar 9 hours ago
How do you mean eight Emerald
Madelyn Bracken
Madelyn Bracken 9 hours ago
Lizzie: I heard that the easiest way to get villagers is with a boat but that was really slow so I built a canal! Me: You can put leads on boats ya know....
lexicrossing 9 hours ago
Erika Kapitanska
Erika Kapitanska 10 hours ago
"Silk touch for 8 diamonds!?!" Me : wait a minute-
hybrid glitches
hybrid glitches 10 hours ago
You give me so much good vibes!!!💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😊😊😊😄😄😄
BearyOmgPlayz 10 hours ago
14:17 ya gotta love lizzie XDDD
CHERRY DUMDUM 10 hours ago
I loved your 100 day challenge!!! (=3, plsss make more 100 day challenges cuz i love them!!!!❣❣❣❤❤❤❤
Elmira Shirinova
Elmira Shirinova 10 hours ago
Lizzie, can you make a tutorial on how to make the outside of the house you made?
Emma A
Emma A 10 hours ago
The turtle eggs need rain to hatch
Hang Hang
Hang Hang 10 hours ago
Dagmar Boban
Dagmar Boban 11 hours ago
Whats the name of the Pack?
Bubble-playz 11 hours ago
you said silk touch for 8 diamonds..... you were ment to say emeralds
brother and sister video
You make the best videos
brother and sister video
I love this video
Polish Android Back Up
27:46 "Im most unlucky minecraft player ever exist" People that seen The Speedrunner that lost a speedrun by a frame: am i joking you? (no hate)
brother and sister video
Selena Hi
Selena Hi 11 hours ago
I’ve watched this to many times
its all rocky here
its all rocky here 12 hours ago
You are very good at playing minecraft
HILARIO 12 hours ago
A 200 day pls :3
Ta Ci
Ta Ci 12 hours ago
The well-off rule historically realise because stick chiefly ski over a dangerous dill. wicked, nutty witness
Kiran Asif asif
Kiran Asif asif 12 hours ago
So cool I make a video of the 10000 days in minecraft
Inna Marie Guevara
Inna Marie Guevara 12 hours ago
What about the dragon egg
MikMik AsaKaGurl
MikMik AsaKaGurl 12 hours ago
20:55 diamonds look different here.....
hinata gym bag
hinata gym bag 12 hours ago
this is free therapy. i’ve watched you since i was little and coming back here to watch your videos feels me with sense of nostalgia and comfort. thank you for doing what you’re doing ily :)
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