A CURSE Upon You | Ep. 17 | Minecraft X Life SMP 

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X Life is a 1.14.4 modded survival multiplayer server (SMP) with youtuber friends. Every player starts with 10 lives but only 1 heart. Every time you lose a life, you gain a heart on your health bar.
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Oct 24, 2020




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Comments 100   
seohyun wang
seohyun wang 4 months ago
i'm an amazing, evil witch muhahah!! - lizzie literally 2 seconds later: flies into a tree and realizes she's going to die in a couple days- 🖤
Wolfie glitch
Wolfie glitch 5 days ago
Lizzys who must be named as a girl lol she needs a snake now😉
Autumn Fox
Autumn Fox 13 days ago
XD ikr
julia coffaro
julia coffaro 14 days ago
Mint Daisy
Mint Daisy 15 days ago
Which means Jack'll die too- **le gasp**
debibarber1 20 days ago
This is a good shower really good
Renee Arsenault
Name a dog cand💕
Katerina L
Katerina L Day ago
You’ve made a terrible mistake lizzy. Terrible.
k.allen Day ago
Forgetting the texture pack was amazing
Eva ODonnell
Eva ODonnell 2 days ago
You forgot there was a leather shop :D
when when
when when 3 days ago
6:23 made me laugh so hard 😭 when she said that the customers are all angrily waiting idk why I laugh lol. I love her so much and she’s a silly yt :3
Audrey S-G
Audrey S-G 5 days ago
Luv the intro
RandomAmy 5 days ago
The video that’s inflicted so much pain to lizzies lives
Syd Crols
Syd Crols 5 days ago
hi! how can i join these x life servers or another minecraft server like this for free?? xo
Pankaj Tyagi
Pankaj Tyagi 5 days ago
Unlike, every youtuber, Lizzie doesn’t tell everyone they have to subscribe to the channel That’s what made be subscribe
MayPaul Bunagan
MayPaul Bunagan 5 days ago
ketiluna roblox
ketiluna roblox 5 days ago
Mod please
-ÅÑIMĖ -ÅRT- 7 days ago
How do u get all the Addons?
Jaw Quiamco
Jaw Quiamco 7 days ago
Can your door be adorable
Avery Thill
Avery Thill 7 days ago
7:57 When my sister wakes me up at 8:59 instead of 9:00 Edit: you dont need to click on the 8:59 or 9:00 its just supposed to be time :)
-Cìty Bøba-
-Cìty Bøba- 7 days ago
My favorite part of X life 5:36 goodbye corrupted which
Mikayda Powell
Mikayda Powell 8 days ago
5:19 I did not know that she could make a perfect which laugh
A Hanson
A Hanson 8 days ago
Your time warp stick already a wand? Lol
• Ze Wolff Pack •
Right after Joey said “goodbye corrupted witch” an add came on, and there was a volcano exploding
Maisie McRae
Maisie McRae 7 days ago
That's an AWESOME coincidence!
Abby Heymer
Abby Heymer 8 days ago
OK so In one of her last videos I commented saying that the frog prince was missing LOL 😂
Hadas Milrod
Hadas Milrod 8 days ago
Did you tell people for the texture pack!;)
Aissata Diallo
Aissata Diallo 8 days ago
i. love. it
Purple bubbles๋
Lmao moon par is soo cute lmfao love y’all
hehe hi
hehe hi 9 days ago
lizzie's cackle is- wow
Grace Androli
Grace Androli 10 days ago
cant he drink milk?
Animealpacaart UwU
Animealpacaart UwU 10 days ago
omg i would love to be in x life ÜwÜ lol if i had a Minecraft channel i could try and get on one of these servers lol
xXBunBunsXx 10 days ago
I want the purple wand!
Karen Case
Karen Case 11 days ago
Umar Zai
Umar Zai 11 days ago
Enrique Tumang
Enrique Tumang 11 days ago
The dramatical exit witch and corrupted
John Erlzon Corona
John Erlzon Corona 11 days ago
I just love the intro🥰🥰🥰
Karis Xu
Karis Xu 12 days ago
Lizzy:Muahahahahahahaha! Me: Wahahahahahahahahahahaha! 😂
Simone and Jorja’s vlogs
Fly corrupted- Me: OMG it’s Lauren Z side
Pupperoo Cutie Pie UwU
OMG my name is Shelby!
Samar Fatima Khan
Samar Fatima Khan 12 days ago
Be Muslim if you want to
Chumon In Chains
Chumon In Chains 12 days ago
can those potions be made to splash? that way you could hit both of you together
Kitty & Don
Kitty & Don 12 days ago
WhiteThe_ Wizard
WhiteThe_ Wizard 12 days ago
What texture pack is that ?
Fleur Rendell
Fleur Rendell 13 days ago
I Love her witch laugh
Sabrin Joseph
Sabrin Joseph 13 days ago
10:17 Normal people: I’ve made a terrible mistake Lizzie/fancy people: ï’vê mædę ã tērribłé mįštåkê
Angel Cake
Angel Cake 13 days ago
lizzy new nickname corr.lizzy
Weirdo 4848
Weirdo 4848 13 days ago
Can someone tell me if I can get things like what they have on their Minecraft in my phone Minecraft? And how?
Kim Taylor
Kim Taylor 13 days ago
Did anyone else notice that the witches are enemies of Jeremysm (I think that’s how you spell it) but Lizzie’s husband is the creator of Jeremysm and she has a Jeremysm poster of Joel in her house
Stephen Greenwood
Stephen Greenwood 14 days ago
OK lizzie you need to make xlife creative mode and then kill jucksucks it will cure the life binding potion
Tatum Playz124
Tatum Playz124 14 days ago
Me at two a.m her: AHHH HE HI HEEEE Me: XD my mom: hola Minho- Me:I’m in danger-
One Two
One Two 15 days ago
Iizzie: i can't believe i don't have a wand Me: u have da time wand😛
Sarah Jain
Sarah Jain 15 days ago
Actually I am smajor
Meggan Akins
Meggan Akins 15 days ago
If you re watch the video where you get ur frog child it was in there and u killed it....
Gamer Girl
Gamer Girl 15 days ago
I love your vids
L. Shannon
L. Shannon 15 days ago
love you
XxAnimegurlxX 16 days ago
LDshadowlady LDshadowlady LDshadowlady
nene elene
nene elene 16 days ago
I like how she moved her kitchen a bit so she could put the wands up on the wall on top of the front door 😂😂
Ava Elizabeth
Ava Elizabeth 16 days ago
Eeehehehehe that laugh is so funny
lia gamer big fan of fnaf
You are my favorite US-firstr ever you are so kind and Lucky and pretty UwU
Joanna Gozdziaszek
Joanna Gozdziaszek 17 days ago
Didn't you kill the frog prince when you opened the donkey?
Emma Minnikin
Emma Minnikin 18 days ago
Wish that wich laugh was crazy
Banana Cutie
Banana Cutie 18 days ago
Oh Wait You Know that Thing You Have the Thing That Changes The Day to Night or night to day, Yeah Why Don't You Show that to the Coven it's such a Cool Trick!!!
Kayda-lee McLean
Kayda-lee McLean 18 days ago
Why does joey sound like James Charles
Faith A
Faith A 19 days ago
anyone know the resource pack?
F r o g i e
F r o g i e 19 days ago
Lizzie: " HAHA, NOW I SHALL GET REVENGE! " The Revenge: ** If you die, Jack dies." Lizzie: " Oh wait- if he dies I die...I need to re-think this. " Jack: " So um- I am going to die in a couple of days. " Lizzie: " Oh I really messed up..."
Tia Lloyd
Tia Lloyd 19 days ago
Pls make an updated set up tour!!
Rose James
Rose James 20 days ago
I love your vid so so so so so much
olivia yes
olivia yes 20 days ago
When will she go to club house 4 heart??
Holly Hayes
Holly Hayes 20 days ago
Oh no don’t do it
Piper Mahoney
Piper Mahoney 21 day ago
joel put him in jimey the donkey you killed him
Piper Mahoney
Piper Mahoney 21 day ago
oh wait nvm
Blanca Papadopoulos
I am a real werewolf
Ataur Rahman
Ataur Rahman 21 day ago
Look at my video I sentence you now
Ataur Rahman
Ataur Rahman 21 day ago
I am 6 years old
Ataur Rahman
Ataur Rahman 21 day ago
I love your videos
Irina Relkoff
Irina Relkoff 22 days ago
I came across one of her videos and im obsessed
Kabia zainab
Kabia zainab 22 days ago
You kinda sound like yammy
Shawn Dodson
Shawn Dodson 22 days ago
Moon paw is so cute
Nooby Gacha
Nooby Gacha 22 days ago
Do i hear a snitch
Mochi Lover
Mochi Lover 23 days ago
did anybody else see the string at 07:27?
Toca Boca
Toca Boca 23 days ago
Would i be able to download the x life pack please
Willow E
Willow E 23 days ago
The Adventures of Lila Bee
That one’s mine the one with the wand you’re welcome for inspiring you
Jayashree Ch
Jayashree Ch 24 days ago
She Actually sounds like yammy
anjali lingam
anjali lingam 25 days ago
what about your son turtle?
anjali lingam
anjali lingam 25 days ago
oh yea
anjali lingam
anjali lingam 25 days ago
Louise Rowe
Louise Rowe 25 days ago
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I’m you biggest fan and you Nose me I’m Evie rowe and I’m 7 years old
George Floyd
George Floyd 25 days ago
The voiceless answer bodily fax because bangladesh informally refuse from a crooked giraffe. decorous, tangible break
Ozee Atiemwen
Ozee Atiemwen 26 days ago
5:22 HAHAHHAHAHA Then she falls
anna dziengielewska
Where did u get ur mods from?
Oscar the Cat
Oscar the Cat 26 days ago
Can I play with you in Minecraft please
Crazy Charlie
Crazy Charlie 28 days ago
The curse is loving your videos Oh wait no I already love your videos
A I K O Month ago
Please post more often 💀
_vxibess_ Month ago
Wow I really love your intro!! It fits so much!!!
ScreenSounds Month ago
i used to really like this thing of the coven and all but..... after watching all the episodes on smallishbeans, and how "mean" lizzie and joey are, ummmmm....😆
WellUnicorn625 Month ago
Lizzie: "I can't believe I don't have a wand!" Time Wand: am I a joke to you?
Itz bunnyhops
Itz bunnyhops Month ago
You must now capture him so he won’t die
I love kittens gamer
Lizzie: *Sigh* Jack has made it on my enemy list. Even though I basically cursed myself too I still got my revenge. Lizzie: Now to just put him on my enemy list...
I love kittens gamer
It makes me want to be a witch too. :3
TheSunshinePop Month ago
Lizzie to Jack : concateno! btw concateno is a spell from ro wizard/roblox harry potter .Concateno is a curse that links you to a target, meaning that any damage you take from that point onwards, will be taken by the target aswell.
Rein Unicorn 927
Lizzie you should put curse of blinding or vanishing on your wand
Vivian C.R. James
Go x
Vivian C.R. James
4:42 وهنا عرف سكوت انه جاب العيد 🗿💜
Alyssa Meadows
Alyssa Meadows Month ago
My dogs name is willow