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A Minecraft challenge game called Base Invaders! The aim of the game is to build the best base ever to protect your skull inside. Your base can contain traps, secret entrances, puzzles, parkour, red herrings and more! Then it's time to raid the bases that we have each built, with a 5 minute time limit. How many of the heads can we collect?!
Joel: us-first.info
Scott: us-first.info
Oli: us-first.info
Twitter: LDShadowLady
Instagram: ldshadowlady


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Apr 25, 2020




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Riona Danh
Riona Danh 2 hours ago
I play animal crossing and I am obsessed
Esther Mtika
Esther Mtika 6 hours ago
Wait everything I'm asking your answering it.
Esther Mtika
Esther Mtika 6 hours ago
What's the password
Esther Mtika
Esther Mtika 6 hours ago
Oh it's that oh ok i got it
Esther Mtika
Esther Mtika 6 hours ago
What's this challenge
BoTW Geek
BoTW Geek Day ago
I am obsessed
Mimi's Fun Zone
Mimi's Fun Zone 2 days ago
Lizzie: Oop I pulled off his shirt Me: HA HA HAAAAA HA HA X 1000
michelle carey
michelle carey 2 days ago
I love animal crossing
lolidam 3 days ago
her builds inspire me so much but im a bad builder
Delilah Kaufman
Delilah Kaufman 3 days ago
How on earth do you build that Mabe you should try normal minecraft it is as cool
Delilah Kaufman
Delilah Kaufman 3 days ago
Namrataa Bhavani
Namrataa Bhavani 4 days ago
OMG I just luv ur intro :))))))
LizzieWaffles 4 days ago
♡︎PLEASE MAKE A BASE INVADERS PART #10!!♡︎ (Like if you agree!)♡︎
Justyna Adamska
Justyna Adamska 4 days ago
Your lucky i did
Ellie Thekitsune_krew
When she made the house i got an animal crossing ad
Belinda Mandy Goh
I love your base invaders videos!! please make more
Georgia Frost
Georgia Frost 6 days ago
Joel’s looks like sqidward
Nuria garcia menendez
Alex da sleepy head - roblox and Rolplaying
Lizzy I have a idea for a Base invader build it's you put your head in plane sight but when they try to get it there is Command block under there and there is a Hidden pressure plate and they fall down and they have to do Parkour and do one lie and 2 truths please pick me
Chloe does roblox
Girl u got 40 secs
Llama Cake
Llama Cake 7 days ago
Claudia Morales
Claudia Morales 7 days ago
When i watched this i did't know what animal crossing was now it is my life 😍
Rainbow halo peeps UwU
When I didn’t have animal crossing I was like help me
ᴍɪss ᴏᴏᴘ-
US-first recommendations apparently is random but I'm not complaining I'm honestly waiting for her to post and US-first says "calm down here something that can satisfy you"
martina louise
martina louise 8 days ago
It’s been 9 months and I need more of these
Dumbieee :3
Dumbieee :3 9 days ago
Uhm in scotts base she actually found the basement key to get to the head and didn’t even notice- ;-;
Femi Awoku
Femi Awoku 9 days ago
Oli you made the bluming celling too low for Lizze to jump
Kris Thornburg
Kris Thornburg 9 days ago
Rainbow Funneh Draco Lunar Gold
Kris Thornburg
Kris Thornburg 9 days ago
😭😭Kara Lunar Luna Funneh
The bear Squad
The bear Squad 9 days ago
She was there with almost all of the league of villians only og’s will remember buttt we need Megan
Zarina shaikh
Zarina shaikh 9 days ago
Can anyone tell me how to make command blocks . Please 😣😖
Elvy Tan
Elvy Tan 9 days ago
I always play animal crossing!!!!
millie chan
millie chan 10 days ago
I have the game animal crossing and mine craft and Mario
Princess lucky Charm
I am in love with animal crossing
Livy Thompson
Livy Thompson 10 days ago
oh my gosh i am so obsessed animal crossing
Pelicone 10 days ago
Smallish beans base was so cool!
Bennett C0392
Bennett C0392 11 days ago
All you gotta do to enter the base is “ding Tom nooks bells.” Good god that sounds wrong
ICECREAZM 11 days ago
Your base is my favorite i love animal crossing
Can you please subscribe to my channel? I really like to make videos and it’s sad to see that no one has even seen my videos
Scarlett Travil
Scarlett Travil 12 days ago
I think Lizzie missed a lot in Oli’s base 😂
Aurelia SCANLON 12 days ago
Me playing animal crossing while watching this
Sister Squad
Sister Squad 12 days ago
Im obsessed With you!!!😸
Rosa Cardoso
Rosa Cardoso 13 days ago
Claudia Walker
Claudia Walker 13 days ago
Lizzie you do not know who flipping Karen is
Ooo I am
Derpy Hooves
Derpy Hooves 13 days ago
when is the next base invaders coming :( its been 9 months!
willowsage 14 days ago
Chat :: Smajor1995 *tried to swim in lava*
Sara Bachok
Sara Bachok 14 days ago
My profile picture is animal crossing on my TV-
Adalbert Walter Bokor
Lizzie the angel and smol bean:You Must Ding Tom Nooks Bells Me with a dirty mind:oi tom is taken by The grass m'lady
Hilton Ricardo
Hilton Ricardo 14 days ago
I play animal crosing i can be also be the king qickly
Nathan Gandy
Nathan Gandy 15 days ago
XxBunny . GoCrazyxX
Caroline Pate
Caroline Pate 15 days ago
Oli's many many variations of base invaders that I know of: Face invaders, Vase invaders, and most recently, Personal Space invaders.
Emma Vaillemans
Emma Vaillemans 15 days ago
I love you and animal crossing sooo ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Sue Gage
Sue Gage 15 days ago
Did she realize she took the basement key for the head not the staff key -- 😂
Emily Neicho
Emily Neicho 16 days ago
I dot play animal crossing and I don’t like watching others play it sorry 👁👅👁
Riley Wood
Riley Wood 16 days ago
I am very obsessed
maisy 16 days ago
Me watching this eating a hole tub of sprinkles I ``borrowed ``
Xx_Sakuna Yanagi_xX
I haven’t played animal crossing I’m a monster
•milk chu•
•milk chu• 16 days ago
Im obssesd whith animal crossing even tho i was supose to say this like nine months ago
Pokémon Universe
Pokémon Universe 16 days ago
JOL: we got to Jump the clouds
Jumper & Co.
Jumper & Co. 16 days ago
i literally love ur building- 😭
Ali.- Games
Ali.- Games 16 days ago
Lizzy: shows her house Everyone: wow. Lizzy: It’s animal crossing! Everyone: Omg omg woowwww!!!
Jessie Huang
Jessie Huang 17 days ago
Lizzie: Here’s my base! Everyone: Ohhh(it seemed like they didn’t know) Lizzie: It’s animal crossing! Everyone: Oooooooo (after they thought it was just a regular house) Click->5:56
Karen antenucci
Karen antenucci 17 days ago
I loves ❤️ animal crossing 🐕🐏🦌🐎🐄🐈
꧁william Afton꧂
Y a s I ammm i animal crossing
Ivan Sy
Ivan Sy 17 days ago
Abigayle West
Abigayle West 17 days ago
•SilentMeadow• 17 days ago
Anybody notice that when she tried to put the shirt back on steph, she put it on?
ミ ꜱᴘʀɪɴɢ ꜱɴᴏᴡ ミ
I dont play Animal Crossing, but i love your videos so im watching this
X. Sunsetsafari X
X. Sunsetsafari X 17 days ago
Your vids are amazing
Darwinerd Glitch
Darwinerd Glitch 17 days ago
My fav is scottbucks
Rebecca Patrick
Rebecca Patrick 17 days ago
The best Rose
The best Rose 17 days ago
Samnook is not ok
The best Rose
The best Rose 17 days ago
I feel Tommy for this
Highway Crossing
Highway Crossing 17 days ago
U should play acnh
Isabella Rohacik
Isabella Rohacik 18 days ago
Can you watch my channel it’s called Isabella Rohacik
art Apple
art Apple 18 days ago
Lizzy: this time I am going to a animal crossing theme because I am obsessed is anyone else ☺️ Me: YESSSSSSSSSSSSS
Lil potato person
Lil potato person 18 days ago
I play animal crossing
kaybell 18 days ago
Catie DeGarmo
Catie DeGarmo 18 days ago
I have
Sophia O,Dea
Sophia O,Dea 18 days ago
Is it just me or u can really vibe with the intro 🤔
Kris Guo
Kris Guo 18 days ago
U would love to d i n g h i s b e l l.
Circus Baby
Circus Baby 18 days ago
Ahhhh i cant wait but all of them are good
Daphnie Weeks
Daphnie Weeks 19 days ago
I love the coffee one
Liz Moore
Liz Moore 19 days ago
;-; why I what Minecraft why is it MONEY!
Jill fitzpatrick
Jill fitzpatrick 19 days ago
i love animal crossing!!!!
Jotaro LL
Jotaro LL 19 days ago
Boom Boom
Sand (Papinporn) Phoothong
I like ur base and btw I know animal crossing and I subscribed and liked!
the panda is funny too beacuse its up side down
i dont like animal crossing but i like the base i already like the video
lilxyy. møxyz
lilxyy. møxyz 19 days ago
Lizzie: *casually talking to NPC Oli and making some pie* Joel and Scott: *silently dies-*
x.oliwia plays.x
x.oliwia plays.x 20 days ago
5,59 mil+ people with good taste 😌
I luv animal crossing :D
Lonely Froggo
Lonely Froggo 20 days ago
This base looks a bit too easy lol ;-;
Xx_sleepygacha_xX ._.
I remember her videos from 10 years ago idk why I felt like sharing this
-_- PandasRuleCatsDrule
I don’t have a tendo account but I play on my iPad on pocket camp
Jasmine Lau
Jasmine Lau 20 days ago
There was an animal crossing ad when I opened the video.
itz_ sanityplayz
itz_ sanityplayz 20 days ago
me : you were saying the other game also me : got that other game ad
• Snûggle Püffs •
Lizzie: look at my base Everyone (except lizzie): ohhh ahh Lizzie: Its animal crossing! Everyone again: OOOOOOOOOOO 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
David Larsen
David Larsen 20 days ago
I'm obsessed with Animal Crossing😍
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