Flower Fields | Ep. 4 | Minecraft X Life SMP 

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X Life is a modded survival multiplayer server (SMP) with youtuber friends. Every player starts with 10 lives but only 1 heart. Every time you lose a life, you gain a heart on your health bar.
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Jun 12, 2020




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karnesha walker
karnesha walker 2 hours ago
LDShadowLady why don't you try and make it to a billiona Williams cuz Julian levels of enchantment you hurt me 😂🤮😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🐭🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄
meherun akter
meherun akter 14 hours ago
I sub to you for a longggggggggggggggggg time :) Pls pin me
•planet ORB•
•planet ORB• 22 hours ago
There should be such thing as heaven flowers and they give you random lucky items and random dye
ash Day ago
im so late to this series but i love it so much im watching both lizzie's and joel's and i love their drastically different styles NOW I WANT TO PLAY MODDED MINECRAFT !!!
Rebeka Ali
Rebeka Ali Day ago
Idea: Why don't u get all the dye colours and get sheep and dye the sheep to the colours and name the place rainbow forest.
Taya Libricky
I honestly love these series ❤️
Feranca Sabella
Lizzie : One day I will give him a panda Me : *Literally laying down with a panda plushie*
Laylah Shopkins
Laylah Shopkins 2 days ago
Wyatt Nelson
Wyatt Nelson 3 days ago
I wish I had those mods those flowers are nice 😩✨
Hugo Suarez
Hugo Suarez 3 days ago
Lizzy I love your vids
Rahma Alsalih
Rahma Alsalih 4 days ago
You should add vines that hang off of the wood structure (idk if that makes sense but the vines would be surrounding it)
abby ur fellow mcyt fan.
hi u should put it in her newest vid cos this was like 8 months ago
Steen Family
Steen Family 4 days ago
I love your decor lizzie!
Lisa Saylor
Lisa Saylor 5 days ago
what is ur fav color pink or purple
jamin allen
jamin allen 5 days ago
i also love your biuld and i wach as much as i can :)
jamin allen
jamin allen 5 days ago
hi im a girl btw anyway how do you find x life
Danka's home channel
This is how many times she said purple I I V
Semendemon03 5 days ago
video the of line favorite my is crabs gkt hes Ahhh
Arriola Fam
Arriola Fam 5 days ago
How many cats do you have☺️☺️
BFFAE Gaming
BFFAE Gaming 6 days ago
I love the series that you do keep them going I am watching so many of this I just completed a series already I used to watche these all of the time when I was younger.
Xephrim 6 days ago
It's lasos not lasuu it's cute tho😹✋🏻
Kokichi Oma
Kokichi Oma 6 days ago
"If i die... In an unfortunate stripping accident..."
{dj cheesecake}
{dj cheesecake} 6 days ago
You are my whole childhood
Sxnshine_ 7 days ago
Omg I love it Lizzie : he’s got crabs My dirty mind : hahhahahaahahaha
Sean Michael
Sean Michael 7 days ago
What mods is the trees I need them in my minecraft server
Joseph Songcuya
Joseph Songcuya 7 days ago
Lizzie On Ep4 : Jack's house is so cute. Lizzie On Ep21 : Kills Jack and banning him from the server
Nesrin Salama
Nesrin Salama 7 days ago
Ldshadowlady: is this to much pink and purple? Me and my knowledge of her:NO
•Chaotic Kermit•
I’m watching this late but you and Scott both have a flower field
Angeline Salas
Angeline Salas 7 days ago
Girl to much pink and purple is never to much pink and purple
Ben-Emy Vangee
Ben-Emy Vangee 7 days ago
a bit dumb
Ben-Emy Vangee
Ben-Emy Vangee 7 days ago
just jump from the tower into the water
gaming time
gaming time 8 days ago
Hi LDShadowLady I'm RetroGaming01
Senior Toasty
Senior Toasty 8 days ago
Idea: Make a cat island that is shaped like a crescent moon, I think you might have done this in another series but you should do it on this server
a regular person :D
11:48 hes in heaven, he got his 2nd chance
Caroline joy
Caroline joy 8 days ago
lol she said he has krabs HAHAHA THATS SO FUNNY
Kaedra Timm
Kaedra Timm 8 days ago
I think she should add fairy lights to her way stone
Tabitha Reyher
Tabitha Reyher 9 days ago
Her Boise when she said take it away I’m terfeid
Guylaine Collett
Guylaine Collett 9 days ago
I'm watching them from for years please please please I love you videos and please like make your own Disneyland please all your animals in your game it's awesome and I really really really really really really really love it so please make your own Disneyland please I love you and I love you videos are awesome and and I'm you're awesome and I really really
Michelle Meletiou
Can we play mincraft becase l have no friends lizzie 😳😳😳😓
Trent Hinshaw
Trent Hinshaw 9 days ago
How Many worlds do you have in mincraft
Alex Fabian
Alex Fabian 9 days ago
Alex Fabian
Alex Fabian 9 days ago
How do you get that mod
Mustang Playz
Mustang Playz 9 days ago
how do i get this version of in minecraft btw i play on mobile
Melissa Barlow
Melissa Barlow 9 days ago
Lizzie:I’m gonna get out before I called more death and destruction! Me:MORE!
Sophia Chappell
Sophia Chappell 9 days ago
Katherine elisibith is my sisters name
Moon Star
Moon Star 10 days ago
You said...”hey guys LD shower here”
GachaStrawberry 10 days ago
The unholy trinity is Santana Quinn and Brittney
Taylor O’Keeffe
Taylor O’Keeffe 10 days ago
at the beginning and end of ur videos why is ur pants and top gone (the armor)
Colette 10 days ago
I love this series!! ♡︎♡︎
sooanyvn 10 days ago
what mods did you use?
Hailey Grove
Hailey Grove 10 days ago
Lizzy:if I die from a stripping axadint Me: ummm.....😆😆😆😆
qwen robloxU
qwen robloxU 10 days ago
i enjoy this playlist
Amelia Jack
Amelia Jack 10 days ago
The shuga cain got sooooo high
Jasminka Perunicic
Jasminka Perunicic 11 days ago
idea:make a waterfall next to the 1 heart club whith lots off flowers
Miky Sibbles
Miky Sibbles 11 days ago
Why do you make people build fart you
Miky Sibbles
Miky Sibbles 11 days ago
Great video
xXBunBunsXx 11 days ago
I chat stop watching these -
Maria Amelia Rose Wick
you forgot geminitay
Simon Kim
Simon Kim 11 days ago
Do you see Joel’s sugercane farm? That’s how much sugercane I grow it’s an actual ISLAND... Or maybe a chunk of land
Claudia Hernandez
Claudia Hernandez 12 days ago
You should make a painting with the flowers, so when you go high up you can see a picture. You should also build a tall tower from where you an see the painting/picture. 😊
oopi uon
oopi uon 12 days ago
The cool stuff when you die please adventures and look at all the cool animals and some cool animals make pets name the best max please
Sophea Ouch
Sophea Ouch 12 days ago
no one
no one 12 days ago
Your voice is so cute
Alexa Deine
Alexa Deine 12 days ago
Where do you edit your videos?
Mishijos video Videos
gamer girl
gamer girl 12 days ago
Lizzie the part when u show ur windmill it look like it from the Teletubbies lol
Lauren Hart
Lauren Hart 12 days ago
Pat's Humble Home of Epicness😂😂😂😂that's so him
Jaguar Girl
Jaguar Girl 12 days ago
Lizzie at the start of the series: Aww soo I love jacks this jacks that Lizzie now: I HATE YOU JACK!
mitz balmores
mitz balmores 13 days ago
mitz balmores
mitz balmores 13 days ago
so BEAUTIFUL 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
NekoNay 14
NekoNay 14 13 days ago
you are the best youtoberka world
Leafy Season
Leafy Season 13 days ago
did anyone notice at 4:40 a tree grew behind her? XD
Bri C
Bri C 13 days ago
*panic* "HE'S GOT CRABS!"
Brooklyn Dixon
Brooklyn Dixon 13 days ago
i think you should build a pink tiny hidden shead were all of your inportent stuff is so joel cant find it and i think you should name the crab pichy! :)
Puk van der Zwart
Puk van der Zwart 13 days ago
when you said "orange" while showing the flowers you literally sounded like professor Mcgonagal from harry potter!
sarah taylor
sarah taylor 13 days ago
I have liked every one of this series episodes!
Silvia G
Silvia G 13 days ago
On the spawn place I would put fairy lights🥺✨
Katie Sommer
Katie Sommer 13 days ago
Whait i bine whaching sen 4 ep
Katelynn is cool
Katelynn is cool 13 days ago
she went to look at the top of the flower field and i immediately thought of that scene from coraline
Emcel Lacanlale
Emcel Lacanlale 13 days ago
Its like genshin impact
Evie Montgomery
Evie Montgomery 14 days ago
Is fun craft the same as this???
Nina Belle
Nina Belle 14 days ago
I wish she made more kingdom craft. I watched all of them in 2 days.
Sugqr Cqnes
Sugqr Cqnes 14 days ago
« this is disgraceful « pat : 🥲
Fun with SMW!
Fun with SMW! 14 days ago
Is x life a mod that u can buy because I really want it
Itz Chelsea
Itz Chelsea 14 days ago
Pls tell me the texture pack
Mrs potato master
Mrs potato master 14 days ago
pollution lol because of the smoke coming the chimney
Harlequin sloth
Harlequin sloth 14 days ago
when lizzie said "i owe you a panda" the purple started entering my brain and i thought she said "panta", only danganronpa fans will understand lol
Harlequin sloth
Harlequin sloth 11 days ago
@kitkat kittycat yeah lol
kitkat kittycat
kitkat kittycat 11 days ago
@Harlequin sloth it's the opposite basically
kitkat kittycat
kitkat kittycat 11 days ago
@Harlequin sloth ik lol
Harlequin sloth
Harlequin sloth 11 days ago
@kitkat kittycat same lol, she doesnt even play danganronpa lol
kitkat kittycat
kitkat kittycat 11 days ago
@Harlequin sloth Y E S theres alot more danganronpa fans on lizzie's channel then I thought-
missrios468 14 days ago
I stole the leauge of villains Idea
julia coffaro
julia coffaro 15 days ago
what kind of texture do you use i neeeeeeeeeeed to know
Hardcore Leveling Warrior
Tree fields?
trago total
trago total 15 days ago
Hi I'm new to the LDShadowLady fan community so, hi! anyway this is part of my weekly comments! :3 Her : *"Is this maybe a bit too pink and purple?"* Me : *"Maybe, maybe not, but pink and purple are so cute together :3"* I will apologize if I'm rude, or if I offend anyone! Edit : Also I have read the comments and thank you everyone for showing me to the funniest side of the comment world, not the mean side of the comment world :P
Emata 15 days ago
What mods do u have on xlife??
Shadow Sword1995
Shadow Sword1995 16 days ago
Out of hilarious context: Lizzie screaming, "hes got crabs" 🤣🤣
Raegan Leppert
Raegan Leppert 16 days ago
Novely M
Novely M 16 days ago
“ HE’S GOT CRABS “ hahahbah
cggemg22@gmail.com DudingDudingGonzaga22
Whats a shout out?
XxcocoXx Coco
XxcocoXx Coco 16 days ago
U need to put fishes!!
Lina Dendeni
Lina Dendeni 16 days ago
I have a question did you make the mod?? Also i would like to know if the mod is available to use like i use it in my world thx!!
Bacon Hair qt
Bacon Hair qt 17 days ago
Omg i love jack sucks at life!
Kiersten Brewster
Kiersten Brewster 17 days ago
lets make more colors i like this mother 🤣
Sun's Flower
Sun's Flower 17 days ago
Did anybody else see those sugar canes in the background...