Moo Moo Meadows | Ep. 2 | Minecraft X Life SMP 

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X Life is a modded survival multiplayer server (SMP) with youtuber friends. Every player starts with 10 lives but only 1 heart. Every time you lose a life, you gain a heart on your health bar.
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May 30, 2020




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Lon Leonelli
Lon Leonelli 4 hours ago
1:00 girls when they see me
menki bleh
menki bleh 6 hours ago
What is the mods called
Rachel Lockett-Duffield
Lizzie:what was that?. Me:its a lava dinosaur BRUH
Juliska Duthie
I just sub
Soma saber
Soma saber Day ago
fitof all 🐷 don't 🔪you AND YOU SKEARD ME
Jo Szram
Jo Szram Day ago
how did you get minecraft on the computer, did you pay?
Lizzie did you know moo moo meadows is a name in mariokart race?
valentina_ RBLX
What mods did u use ?
Namrataa Bhavani
Namrataa Bhavani 2 days ago
Lizzie: Because how can 2 LaDiEs have a bAbY *Awkward Silence*
karisna 2 days ago
fun fact: villagers make a movement with their heads when u cant trade with them
vanlalcthfyyy hlui
I like it 👌🥰🥰😍😍
Lucas Solomon
Lucas Solomon 2 days ago
bruh use shield next time
Maria Eugenia Hortal
lizzy: thsi sis bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad, ahhhh how is it not dead yet oh thank goodness (creeper dies) fwhip: the one heart monster hunter
Halle Western
Halle Western 2 days ago
Her:forgets about episode one when she got dimons me:you got them last episode
Kathryn Jinks
Kathryn Jinks 3 days ago
Level 30
Alisha Gordon
Alisha Gordon 3 days ago
ldshadowlady finding diamonds... me: PLEASE DONT BE A TROLL BLOCK
• Bonnet •
• Bonnet • 3 days ago
7 secens
Linna Lim
Linna Lim 4 days ago
Do You Have One Phone And One Camera How Do You Record And Play At The Same Time?
saucy feet juice
saucy feet juice 4 days ago
lizzie- "am i the bad guy?" wilbur- "tommy are we the bad guys" when worlds collide
Skeptical San
Skeptical San 4 days ago
is it just me or i love watching this series?
• Bonnet •
• Bonnet • 4 days ago
• Bonnet •
• Bonnet • 4 days ago
That is what I do I make a little cow than I make a big cow farm😦
Mini Neji uchiha
Mini Neji uchiha 4 days ago
Awww that looks so cute-
naeema ross
naeema ross 5 days ago
Moo Moo Meadows is so cuteeee
Elaine Neilson
Elaine Neilson 5 days ago
go and see what that babby was
Hermione 5 days ago
I am a Big fan of you I love you Vids you are amazing I wanna be a designer in Minecraft like you you are amazing.🤩🤩🙂🙂
Adi Soesilo
Adi Soesilo 5 days ago
10:19 Its those Big spawner thingys if you get close witches and zombies will spawn E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E and its called Monster bomb
Benjamin Shaw
Benjamin Shaw 5 days ago
You're stupid only girls can make a child too
cook_iiz 5 days ago
"You both can't be ladies... because.. you're gonna make a baby." No no, they can! It's called donors / IVF :D
Isabel Lade
Isabel Lade 5 days ago
does anyone know what mods??? the world is so cute but also scary
Clash TCA
Clash TCA 6 days ago
Þe mod is so cute!
billie bonilla
billie bonilla 6 days ago
Zoey Smith
Zoey Smith 6 days ago
10:14 omg wtf that scared me 😭
Chiara amanda
Chiara amanda 6 days ago
am i the bad guy? *kingdomcraft flashbacks*
the magic potato
the magic potato 6 days ago
did anyone else flip out their skin when they saw the monster near Joel's house?
catsquid Daylight
i think tat one of the caves you ran into could of bin a spawner
Hayden Campbell
Hayden Campbell 6 days ago
How do you even get in X LIFE😂
Ada May-Nolker
Ada May-Nolker 7 days ago
I love Ariel but I haven’t whached the little mermaid in years for some
Skye Jenkins
Skye Jenkins 7 days ago
Fwip is so supportive..
Phoenix Plays
Phoenix Plays 7 days ago
Old minecraft: "Diamond and Obsidian armour are the best armour to get." Enchanted netherite armour: what about me- :c
Breanna Case
Breanna Case 7 days ago
Why didn’t she take books from the village?
Jaw Quiamco
Jaw Quiamco 7 days ago
Lava fox
Jaw Quiamco
Jaw Quiamco 7 days ago
Its a fox
Asyraf Fattan
Asyraf Fattan 7 days ago
0:29 sub to popularmmos :)
Jessica Barras
Jessica Barras 7 days ago
2:44 You can see the sign 🤣
Tenko Chabashira
Tenko Chabashira 7 days ago
2:04 lesbian cowwsss
Deku !
Deku ! 8 days ago
I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else say this but you sound really good you’re really good at singing FYI
Happily Ever After
All you have to do is wait till she finishes the series and then watch the whole thing without waiting 😭
Patricia Ruffin
Patricia Ruffin 8 days ago
Lyzzy sound like Anna from frozen
Luca Smeker
Luca Smeker 8 days ago
I your voice when you sing☺️
NickJamesBud 8 days ago
creepers can survive baby forests!
gaming time
gaming time 8 days ago
LDShadowLady you know RaysPlays right?
gaming time
gaming time 8 days ago
Hi LDShadowLady I'm RetroGaming01
a regular person :D
when she was in the cave and she heard footsteps... that was terrifying
Ash G
Ash G 8 days ago
I’m very sure u will not answer this cos it’s like 8 MONTHS, but, do I know how to get that mod u have on mobile?????
Frogge Ink
Frogge Ink 8 days ago
And now in the future there she is with 1 life remaining. Good days when she had 1 heart. Good days..
Nate Goldberg
Nate Goldberg 8 days ago
Me: gets afraid by everything Also me: hears a noise in the video *throws his computer and jumps*
Jessieshadow 123
Jessieshadow 123 9 days ago
Omg fwhip he’s so nice in the chat awe
Sekoura Bora
Sekoura Bora 9 days ago
LDShadowLady: *singing a song from Ariel while killing cows*
•Itz_ GaxhaMoon•
Wow lizzie your voice is cool
YT Weirdo
YT Weirdo 9 days ago
13:03 was my childhood
Izzy playz
Izzy playz 9 days ago
Paylen -_-
Paylen -_- 9 days ago
My favorite Mario map is Moo Moo meadows and I play on my Nintendo all the time
Beck Sanetrick
Beck Sanetrick 9 days ago
2:01 all of the Lesbians are Typing
Harriet Collier
Harriet Collier 9 days ago
Lizzie has such a beautiful voice and she is amazing
Doanh Ho
Doanh Ho 9 days ago
I LAUGHED SO HARD WIEN SHE SAID ONS WILL COME HOOFIN. me: brings wheat out and says it again to all ladies of the cow. AAAAAAAA
julia griswold
julia griswold 10 days ago
anyone else triggerd by the fact she blocked off diamonds T-T
Natalie Waller
Natalie Waller 10 days ago
Iv been waching you forever a just released i dodent sub
julia griswold
julia griswold 10 days ago
HOW DOES ONE TELL THE GENDER OF A COWW like arnt they non-binary?
Zane fraser
Zane fraser 10 days ago
Ellie and Emy
Ellie and Emy 10 days ago
who else noticed that when she was mining and she ran into the lava monster there was a diamond and she missed it? XD
Siti Nurlaila
Siti Nurlaila 8 days ago
Sherilyn A Finlayson
9:47 she ran from diamonds
Alberto 10 days ago
can we apritaete Lizzes singing
LONA Lili 10 days ago
It's not real minecraft right?Please repliy to me
hayden 10 days ago
how did she get the hammers and the different materials for tools? thats so cool
SeahawksX27 10 days ago
'The one heart monster hunter' Me:😲😂😂 yeah there right
Boy Maazi Playz
Boy Maazi Playz 10 days ago
Hey LDShadowLady you should make a music video , because your voice is very beautiful when you sing and generally your voice is very beautiful.
Boy Maazi Playz
Boy Maazi Playz 10 days ago
LDShadowLady please reply
Orla Penny
Orla Penny 10 days ago
One must wiggle ones wheat in front of the hoffers and they will come hoofing - LDshadowlady 2020
Shadow Ü
Shadow Ü 10 days ago
5:50 me when im scared at scary movies
Ellie and carys roblox
That speaks mobs when your wear or when you place a torch there
Peachle :3 meow
Peachle :3 meow 10 days ago
Minecraft tip: if you left click the armed stands, they go out into different poses
Anika Chauhan
Anika Chauhan 10 days ago
Cant stop laughing
Nekira Williams
Nekira Williams 10 days ago
10:20 scary😰
Nikki the boss
Nikki the boss 11 days ago
Lizzie: sub to popularmmos, how long has this been here? Me: a long periodically time
star moonz
star moonz 11 days ago
this is not my 16th time re-watching its my 20th
Geoffrey Goede
Geoffrey Goede 11 days ago
lizzie: you cant be both ladies because u are gonna make a baby me: oh but lizzie ladies CAN make baby's together!
Lucy Robinson
Lucy Robinson 11 days ago
Omg, I love moo moo medows! I wouldn’t be able to build a place like that in creative!!!
Weslee Matalamaki
Weslee Matalamaki 11 days ago
Has anyone noticed how good she is at building?!
Htet Myatmin
Htet Myatmin 11 days ago
I just saw a diamond when u scared
wallflora 11 days ago
fwhip is so supportive whenever anyone does anything and I love it
Chris24 Rounds
Chris24 Rounds 11 days ago
A pig is scary I agree
Chris24 Rounds
Chris24 Rounds 11 days ago
I know what it was in my being lava dragon
Boba Panda
Boba Panda 11 days ago
The ladies are lesbian / the cows
Kyle The Wolf Gamer
what mod is that plssssss tell me i want to play the mod
The Ocean Waves
The Ocean Waves 11 days ago
Lizzie: OMG what was that Me: A lava monster
Gacha kojii
Gacha kojii 12 days ago
3:46 - ignore this just tryna find my spot
Roman Paton
Roman Paton 12 days ago
My grafics are rubbish hers are O. P
Gina Hansen
Gina Hansen 12 days ago
Me: sees the title MoO MoO mEaDoWs Also me: thinks she’ll find a meadow full of cows Lizzie: makes the moo moo meadow Me: I almost bought that mod just for the moo moo meadow but no
T R 12 days ago