One Heart Clubhouse | Ep. 3 | Minecraft X Life SMP 

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X Life is a modded survival multiplayer server (SMP) with youtuber friends. Every player starts with 10 lives but only 1 heart. Every time you lose a life, you gain a heart on your health bar.
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Jun 7, 2020




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Comments 100   
Solidarity 8 months ago
We've got your room ready in the 2 heart clubhouse!! ;)
Emily Johnson
Emily Johnson 3 days ago
@LDShadowLady I love vids 😊
Vedika arts
Vedika arts 5 days ago
I am in the one heart ❤️ club
Onis ArtBox
Onis ArtBox 6 days ago
Gavin Underwood
Gavin Underwood 6 days ago
@LDShadowLady your one of my favorite youtuber
hayden 8 days ago
@LivyCat28 no you're just annoying
Annabelle R
Annabelle R 16 hours ago
does anyone know the mod for the hammer?
Leah Stroj
Leah Stroj 23 hours ago
jyll jynn
jyll jynn Day ago
Dont record this its scaring me!
jyll jynn
jyll jynn Day ago
Grass is creepy.
jyll jynn
jyll jynn Day ago
I forgot how good ur vids are bcz i never watch u anymore
Zorini Diki
Zorini Diki Day ago
O my god my NAME IS DAISY
Alpha Stout
Alpha Stout Day ago
Why is Lizzie so scared of killing creepers I just... kill them not running away
i like ldswadow but she play minecraf so best look she play and subcribe and like
Feranca Sabella
Lizzie : Im gonna make an iron door and Im gonna place that here Me : They can just break the wall down......so
Karley Wheeler
Karley Wheeler 2 days ago
me and my friends did this lol I died 10 times BECAUSE SOMEONE PUT UT ON HARD MODE 🥲
Sw33tCh1aki 2 days ago
2:46 *You shouldn't have done that..*
Cailin Robichaud
Cailin Robichaud 3 days ago
I think the blinking creature is a frog.
melissa rosenbrock
Can I join your server? If so, how do I?
Robin Birnbaum
Robin Birnbaum 3 days ago
Lizzie: So the members are me seepeekay, and oli well kind of oil hasn't made a video yet so he's in his own clubhouse, the zero heart clubhouse. Oli watching this: :( well now I feel left out:(
Lu Saki
Lu Saki 4 days ago
aye they GOT PATTT
Skeptical San
Skeptical San 4 days ago
Lizzie : *so we can display our status-* *axe breaks* *O K*
Hermione 5 days ago
Gryffindor yessssss Queen
Vedika arts
Vedika arts 5 days ago
You know personally I would make a really nice fancy or a bog mansion for a one ❤️ club you know because it is a very rare club no offence i really like yours lizzy love your channel
Me Aqua Angels
Me Aqua Angels 5 days ago
lizzie:guys.... theres someone blinking over there..... every pro speedrunner who has survived 100 days with one heart: ill get going getting netherite right now :>
sayonara 5 days ago
how did she get flower vines :0
the magic potato
the magic potato 6 days ago
OMG!! those yellow eyes are spookay
Daniel Wells
Daniel Wells 6 days ago
Not gonna sleep tonight
ketiluna roblox
ketiluna roblox 6 days ago
Whats the modd
Aesthetic vibes only
How do you make the bunk beds? Me and my friend have tried it MILLIONS of times but DID NOT succeed
• iidxlphinia •
so like um nobody gonna talk about her living there for only about 3 days?
Oskari Savage
Oskari Savage 8 days ago
She is my new favourite US-firstr and or so is she using a mod?
gaming time
gaming time 8 days ago
Hi LDShadowLady I'm RetroGaming
Tanya Bowen
Tanya Bowen 8 days ago
Lizzie:if you are not a part of the one heart club house look away now. Me:I don’t even go on this server.
vedaflo pikkert
vedaflo pikkert 8 days ago
i wanne join the surfer PLZ!
Lylah The lion
Lylah The lion 8 days ago
Omg I LOVE this series!!! It’s awesome
William Was Here
William Was Here 8 days ago
What shaders do u use?🤔 Also im a huge fan ive been watching since the Shadow craft series 🥰
roshna playz
roshna playz 9 days ago
I love it 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🎂🎂👍️🌺🍬😂🤣👍️🌷🌺
Purple Puppy that eats biscuits
I think it was a firefly?
Hadas Milrod
Hadas Milrod 10 days ago
I love these series keep on doing great videos
ur. em0b0y
ur. em0b0y 10 days ago
Wait pat plays why doesn't he post tho D:
GAYA BK 10 days ago
What's your shader pack????,plzzz reply
Celestino Moreno
Celestino Moreno 10 days ago
I did look sory
Paramjot SINGH
Paramjot SINGH 11 days ago
i thought there was a creeper at 4:29 XD I heard a sound
Lucy Robinson
Lucy Robinson 11 days ago
It keeps going down! What the...?
Lucy Robinson
Lucy Robinson 11 days ago
I’ve just started playing the video and then immediately noticed Lizzie had 28 exp, I’m shure in the last video u got 40! How is this even possible??
Jinqyea Tan
Jinqyea Tan 11 days ago
I’m obsessed
Zahraa Hassouna
Zahraa Hassouna 11 days ago
Lizzie I won't to tell you that the blue House kathren and her friends build it🏠💜💜
Nick Kulkarni
Nick Kulkarni 11 days ago
how do u get the mod? im a noob
ayla Hendrix
ayla Hendrix 12 days ago
I watched 1 2 and now 3
love unicorn I like cookies
What App is it
Luna Rotherforth
Luna Rotherforth 12 days ago
What do you play on
Tammy Evans
Tammy Evans 12 days ago
Tammy Evans
Tammy Evans 12 days ago
Minecraft People
Minecraft People 12 days ago
will anyone please tell me what mods she uses. Bc my minecraft is boring lol.
Isagatchagamez 12 days ago
But what if the other hearts watch this vid and know how to enter?
mitz balmores
mitz balmores 13 days ago
it's getting creepy
Luke Mcclelland
Luke Mcclelland 13 days ago
Gotcha Gamer414
Gotcha Gamer414 13 days ago
I meant See
Gotcha Gamer414
Gotcha Gamer414 13 days ago
What was I supposed to say
Simone and Jorja’s vlogs
Lizzie, I think you always upload your house building on episode three. I’ve noticed it and now I can’t get my mind around it like one life, fun craft, and other Minecraft series is
Simone and Jorja’s vlogs
Lizzie , I noticed that you always make houses on episode three.
Titanium Gamrz
Titanium Gamrz 13 days ago
Shout-out to anyone binge watching this series during quarantine
Mimi R
Mimi R 13 days ago
is anyone watching this in 2021
Gamer_Gurl_In_Pink 13 days ago
I watch laurenzide
Sherri Walters
Sherri Walters 14 days ago
I just want to say that Katherine and Jimmy? I cant remember, but they also built the 2 clubhouse 💖
Lily Templeton
Lily Templeton 14 days ago
Happy Valentines day!
الآء الوليد راشد محمد الكيومية
When did minecraft included Redstone tools?
String Cheese ᄋᄉᄋ
It’s a mod!
EmilyK 15
EmilyK 15 14 days ago
Hii! LDShadowLady
Alira Savage
Alira Savage 14 days ago
I think the eyes is a cat
Guoliang Xing
Guoliang Xing 14 days ago
I cant even built what you built i creative and you built it in survival with ONE HEART WOWWW
Gacha_Bhryanna_ Squad
I think Katherine did the 2 club house
Gracie C
Gracie C 15 days ago
6:16 BOI RUN
Brianna Rader
Brianna Rader 15 days ago
The okayyyy when the ax broke sent me😂
larmastar girl
larmastar girl 15 days ago
those eyes you saw was a baby
Chloe Davidson
Chloe Davidson 15 days ago
When are you going to get some hearts?
Adam Christensen
Adam Christensen 15 days ago
Rahma Radia
Rahma Radia 15 days ago
Emata 15 days ago
What mods do u have on xlife??
ldshadowladys fan page
i love ur vids ur my idol
Bacon Hair qt
Bacon Hair qt 17 days ago
She has the best husband♥️🧡💛💚💙💜
Sedona J Gaming
Sedona J Gaming 18 days ago
Can you name a cow cowboy?
Shravya Vyas
Shravya Vyas 18 days ago
Eleanor Christensen
the 2 heart clubhouse wasn't built by just scott, katherine and jimmy did the same amount as scott did, and i think katherine had the idea in the first place
Makena Krebs
Makena Krebs 18 days ago
Makena Krebs
Makena Krebs 18 days ago
I like how she always says h
シcute_cowシ 18 days ago
Those eyes in the night you can kill them and they make baby noises
Vanesa :P
Vanesa :P 19 days ago
Lizzie: If any harm comes to daisy someone will lose there hearts Jimmy: ...... she said that long ago.....
And I'm a member country videos every time all my love and my love the bang bang bang, you're ready to
xX_Unknown_Xx 19 days ago
FuriousDestroyer is in there!? OMGGGGGGG!!
AlohaKyleigh 19 days ago
Paul Barry
Paul Barry 19 days ago
8:34 did Lizzy say dardan and not garden you guys tell me
Maria Rubio
Maria Rubio 20 days ago
Me: sees wall of furnaces Also Me: pewds has a church made of furnaces
Mahir Azman
Mahir Azman 20 days ago
If of shadow lady likes or replies to this comment iamma gonna be soooooooooooooo happy
Kimberley 20 days ago
Go back to the pixel intro
Kayla Ewan
Kayla Ewan 20 days ago
My sis puppy name daisy too 😊
Chloe Baldwin
Chloe Baldwin 20 days ago
*If anything happens to Daisy someone’s gonna GAIN some hearts*
Carol Long
Carol Long 22 days ago
Awe daisy, such a cute name for a cow!!! Oh and btw whoever suggested the name I can't say anything but.........good job fellow hooman
Joyce Bagiraneza
Joyce Bagiraneza 22 days ago
You sound like xoxoyammy
Bella’s Adventures
How did you get the game X life
dedly wolf
dedly wolf 22 days ago
What app is this?
Amanda Reimer
Amanda Reimer 22 days ago
I love you soooooo much and you are sooooooooooooooo nice
daisyglows 23 days ago
Awww the cow is called daisy like me
This Person
This Person 24 days ago
Did the RED color idea come from the blood of the other people? LOL 😆
Ediths Kanal
Ediths Kanal 25 days ago
All that cows 😂🤣😅🥰🥺🐮