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X Life is a 1.14.4 modded survival multiplayer server (SMP) with youtuber friends. Every player starts with 10 lives but only 1 heart. Every time you lose a life, you gain a heart on your health bar.

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Jun 24, 2020




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Comments 100   
Grainne Phelan
Grainne Phelan 3 hours ago
I love your videos
ame -san
ame -san 4 hours ago
the brown panda is extremly rare and she got like 5- HOW
Katie Waldrep
Katie Waldrep 7 hours ago
Use your name the brown baby panda Tammie🐼
Peanutkitty11 15 hours ago
Ohh hes my favourite hes so craz- Panda: *yeets up tree* Me: ??? :/ Ok then.......minecraft logic i guess... Also me: instantly make my own panda research centre
Peanutkitty11 15 hours ago
Rockie Poo
Rockie Poo 22 hours ago
Says the rarest is the brown one and gets a lot of brown ones
noreen muhib
noreen muhib Day ago
Way did you die 😭😭
Carys Lewis
Carys Lewis Day ago
i have spent three hours watching different series from LDshadowlady it started at the 100 days challenge
Rachel Brown
Rachel Brown Day ago
Bobby as a panda name
Hanako Knollmayer
Call a Panda Patch XD
karisna Day ago
fun fact: when pandas have tounge stuck out, they're more playful (for lizzies favorite sO fAr)
jak white
jak white Day ago
Gurl the Pandas are jumping out because your not blocking them in
Meina Liu
Meina Liu Day ago
I was born in China I’m not really good at Chinese
Meina Liu
Meina Liu Day ago
bsky Playz
bsky Playz 2 days ago
On the hill LDshadowlady forgot something she actually forgot to put fences on the hill that’s why the pandas are escaping
Namrataa Bhavani
Namrataa Bhavani 2 days ago
Just build a gate so the pandas don't escape :D
Namrataa Bhavani
Namrataa Bhavani 3 hours ago
@Peanutkitty11 lol
Peanutkitty11 15 hours ago
Pandas: *escape
Cameron Rice
Cameron Rice 2 days ago
Bam bam
Glenny Jarin
Glenny Jarin 2 days ago
I love pandas they're my favorite❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼
itz Sunflower
itz Sunflower 2 days ago
Hannah Thompson
Hannah Thompson 2 days ago
when the panda starts rolling up the tree me: ... lizzie:... me: ok
Ozzie Waterson
Ozzie Waterson 2 days ago
Awh... Spoilers.... You have 3 hearts at start :( but idc
Sophie Weber
Sophie Weber 3 days ago
The gasp when Joel said he was putting the panda in a mob farm broke my heart
Eri cutecat
Eri cutecat 3 days ago
Me w/ sub on: Lizzie says podsol My sub pots all Me🤣
Felicity Harding
Felicity Harding 3 days ago
7:01 literally my dream
Peanutkitty11 15 hours ago
Filis Sami
Filis Sami 3 days ago
Lizzie I’m new here end I love your videos end it makes me SOOOOOOOOOOO happy 😊
Dahlia Henry
Dahlia Henry 4 days ago
maybe u should give them a flower feild so they dont have to roll around in the other ones
Moon Blood
Moon Blood 4 days ago
Lizzie if you find another panda you can name it...Juan Juan! Reply if you like it!
Ada May-Nolker
Ada May-Nolker 4 days ago
Those pandas are so cute
Charlotte Hodge
Charlotte Hodge 4 days ago
Just add a gate so the pandas can't get our of their sanctuary
Starrix Auxxere
Starrix Auxxere 4 days ago
As a Chinese I know most of the pandas and OMG YAS THOSE NAMES ARE ADORBS
Silver Squad
Silver Squad 5 days ago
“All of the favorites lol”
Kiwi McMango
Kiwi McMango 5 days ago
Pandas are Chinese, Torii gates are Japanese. You can have them as long as you acknowledge they’re not Chinese. Unbelievable people think that every version of Asian is the same.
the magic potato
the magic potato 6 days ago
lizzie you got 2 brown pandas, they're sooo rare
the magic potato
the magic potato 6 days ago
lizzie you did so well. poppularmmos only lasted the 1st episode
Kelley Brennan
Kelley Brennan 6 days ago
Could u pls name a baby link link
Midnight Wolf dragon
That panda went ahco and the other panda's flew
Sally Nutt
Sally Nutt 6 days ago
1:52 look when she has the life book open fwhip cries in the background
Kokichi Oma
Kokichi Oma 6 days ago
Video: **starts** Me: **Sees two hearts** Also me: **GASP**
ruby clark
ruby clark 6 days ago
yuo love blue
RAINBOW squad gaming
It's sad she needs one heartbonly
BFFAE Gaming
BFFAE Gaming 6 days ago
I think u should put a fence on the red concrete to stop the pandas from escaping
J1 skills
J1 skills 7 days ago
Emily van Zanten
Emily van Zanten 7 days ago
Love you peer je Alaaf you video’s
Jaw Quiamco
Jaw Quiamco 7 days ago
I love you in the 1 heart gang 😭😭😭😭
Ellie Thekitsune_krew
Joel: This is going right through my tiny mob farm >:) LIZZYX *GASP*💔💔 Vegan teacher: IM GOING TO SAY THAT TINY MOB FARMS ARE ILLEGAL
Tocabloxiplayz 7 days ago
Not me crying bc she died...
DeVon Gibson
DeVon Gibson 8 days ago
Hi ldshadowlady l love your cat and your dog
The one that the tongue is sticking out is a playful panda
Zoe Banks
Zoe Banks 8 days ago
I thinking for a name for a panda.. too late but what about Oreo? 🥰
Audrey Calisang
Audrey Calisang 8 days ago
A wierd question.. is it hard to be US-first sometimes?
JS Coalson
JS Coalson 8 days ago
JS Coalson
JS Coalson 8 days ago
cats*chaos 8 days ago
i think im paying more atentchon to the chats in the cornor 0-0
gaming time
gaming time 8 days ago
Hi LDShadowLady I'm RetroGaming01
Snailsbox 8 days ago
what mod allows you to craft things like the obsidian armour, redstone tools, n stuff?
Franzhyn Lhein Corpuz
prince Jones the gaming dog
idk if u know this but the brown panda is the RAREST PANDA they r super hard to get
tanya cook
tanya cook 8 days ago
You said my name bao bao
• Bonnet •
• Bonnet • 8 days ago
When Lizzy died OFFFF!
muffin head minecraft player
Brown ones are legendary
Juliet Lindsey
Juliet Lindsey 8 days ago
When lizzie died the first time: NOOOOOOOO :( later on in the series: ooooo thats a nice color heart i wonder the next?
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 8 days ago
When Joel said he’s going into my tiny mob farm I literally died from her reaction
Peanutkitty11 15 hours ago
I lost all my braincells in her last vid
Save Me From The World, Please
if this is interesting to anyone i just drank 1.5 litres of iced tea
jay hay rocks
jay hay rocks 8 days ago
7:12 pandas "yup"
Timboi Gaming
Timboi Gaming 9 days ago
Snotty for a weak panda!
Yuying Wang
Yuying Wang 9 days ago
pls name a panda "bamboo".... it's pretty obvi though.....
Lauren Niles
Lauren Niles 9 days ago
idea:build a BIG sign that says lizzies house and use light pink and dark pink in a patern
Tarjei Josefsen
Tarjei Josefsen 9 days ago
You need to have name TAG on the sick panda the brown panda and the joyful panda too
Maram Ali
Maram Ali 9 days ago
I wish you where my mom
vicky ramos
vicky ramos 9 days ago
Great dane
Storm lolol
Storm lolol 9 days ago
The gasp of *pure* betrayal when Joel said it was going on the mob farm
Chad Hill
Chad Hill 10 days ago
Joel is being so nice and sweet he's soo happy
Pepito De Lara
Pepito De Lara 10 days ago
You know the good part about taking a long time building the longer you build the longer you live.
Nolan Burns
Nolan Burns 10 days ago
Please build a zoo
فاطمة محمد عباس
can you please name a panda (pao) like the movie of kong fo panda
MIKEE SIMCOCK 10 days ago
jane lopez
jane lopez 10 days ago
I am watching this old video sooo.... Maybe it is a little late for suggestions, but u are still continuing this series right now in 2021 and have not died yet, so u could put a fence and a fence gate so that the pandas don't escape
Evly Playz
Evly Playz 10 days ago
Omg!!! Brown Pandas are *super* rare!!
Roblox Gamer
Roblox Gamer 10 days ago
At least tell ur old friends "Bye" before u left the 1 heart club
Teshika Hamilton
Teshika Hamilton 10 days ago
I love this show
Viki 10 days ago
“Pandas don’t exist” Quote of last video
Steph Powell
Steph Powell 11 days ago
Omg lizzie your pandas are so cute my favorite is the panda with its tongue out/your favourite
Mollz Mollz
Mollz Mollz 11 days ago
Audrey Romo
Audrey Romo 11 days ago
you r the funny
Kitty & Don
Kitty & Don 11 days ago
Lizzie said breeding pandas is safe and I thought.... DO NOT PUNCH A GRUMPY PANDA PLEASE
Paramjot SINGH
Paramjot SINGH 11 days ago
whats that thing at 0:15
Margaret Maher
Margaret Maher 11 days ago
Fun fact bao bao in Chinese means hug and bei bei means carry
Did Lizzy keep the weak panda ???
Luke Jaskulka
Luke Jaskulka 11 days ago
What if the pandas escape
Allen Will
Allen Will 11 days ago
the sick pandas are my faverit
III_synFlower2411 Nitinoti
You should name one Chi chi
Amelie Wright
Amelie Wright 11 days ago
for the weak/crying panda maybe fluffle bubble also I love ur vids
Boba Panda
Boba Panda 11 days ago
Joal: he’s going straight in my tiny mob farm (the panda) Lizzie:gasps
Boba Panda
Boba Panda 11 days ago
I’m a big fan of you and everyone on the server
Boba Panda
Boba Panda 11 days ago
Hi ld shadowlady hi seepeekay
Chloe does roblox
Chloe does roblox 11 days ago
I love ur voice
Alpha Stout
Alpha Stout 11 days ago
Lizzie: I think we have too many pandas Me: I think you should have said that 25 pandas ago
Pumpkin_spice_030 12 days ago
How about you make a room of your info of like the clubs you have been in, like everyone should put (there username) was here for (the number of hours or days) and how they left the club
Christy Manuel
Christy Manuel 12 days ago
Lizze i love it but NOT THAT PANDA ESCAPING
no one
no one 12 days ago
I literally was about to sleep cuz of your cute voice
lulu Lee
lulu Lee 12 days ago
i’m chinese (idk why i said that)
Stain 12 days ago
Is it weird that I’m a male watching this?
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