The Friend Test | Ep. 19 | Minecraft X Life SMP 

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X Life is a 1.14.4 modded survival multiplayer server (SMP) with youtuber friends. Every player starts with 10 lives but only 1 heart. Every time you lose a life, you gain a heart on your health bar.
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Jan 6, 2021




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Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones 5 hours ago
Your wand is unique.
Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones 5 hours ago
Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones 5 hours ago
The color of your wand is pink
Derick Eshelman
Derick Eshelman 3 hours ago
No lol its lime green hahhahahah ur fake fannn
Grace Whyte
Grace Whyte 7 hours ago
You have a seahorse called frinando
Monique Moore
Monique Moore 7 hours ago
Priestley Family
Priestley Family 9 hours ago
The cat Parade!
The cat Parade! 10 hours ago
1. green 2. you fell while looking for pandas 3. frog prince boutique 4. death fart 5. a painting of joel in his jermyism robes
RuffRid2 AJPW
RuffRid2 AJPW 19 hours ago
Oli: * jumps in before she finishes saying to jump * "I trust u" Also Oli: * pulls out magic carpet * "SIKE"
Question answers: 1. Green 2. Falling 3. Frog Prince boutique 4. jermy approves of you 5. You got a “secret” basement
ph1lly1978 Day ago
Fern Fun
Fern Fun Day ago
U can hear Joel’s heart break just after he got completely friend zoned by Lizzie! 💗😂😂😂 I love u so much Lizzie stay great
DogDayz Day ago
Lizzie: Because I’m gonna do something DANGEROUS! Me: Welp I’m not surprised
Aubrey Tschumper
Thread true onem that how he counted
lcrump187 Day ago
Your 1 color is green
lcrump187 Day ago
Your animals name is moon pie
Derick Eshelman
Derick Eshelman 3 hours ago
Moon paw noob lol
lcrump187 Day ago
Your 1st death was fall damage
K i w i
K i w i Day ago
Friendship test 1: 1: your witch wand is green 2: your first death is from fall damage 3: your shop is called "the frog prince boutique" 4: your fox is named Willow 5: something unique is your secret room in your basement
Justin Combs
Justin Combs Day ago
moon paw
Snufisk 1
Snufisk 1 Day ago
1.light green 2.fall damage 3.the frog prince boutique 4.moon paw 5.animal detective of the year award
Chandler Weinroth
Lizzie is the best!!!!
꧁Midnight Sky꧂
Joel:are you sure we are not more then friends? Lizzie:husband friend Me:girl you guys are a cute couple and just just adorable
Jessica Tersteeg
Death fart
Wasp Guy
Wasp Guy Day ago
I love everyone's different reaction to the not dying in the hole😂
solara ball
solara ball Day ago
Turtle Cutie
Turtle Cutie Day ago
There was a flaw you frogot to test ur self.
Phil Midas
Phil Midas Day ago
.... Froggy chair
Phil Midas
Phil Midas Day ago
4. Moon Paw 5.....
Phil Midas
Phil Midas Day ago
1. Green 2. Fall damage 3. Frog prince boutique
candice Friesen
candice Friesen 2 days ago
How do you get the vanilla Minecraft?
Wyatt Nelson
Wyatt Nelson 2 days ago
Ur first death Fall damage Witch wond Green Something unique in your house Secret basement Name one of ur animals Turtle Jeremy What is the name of ur shop frog prince boutique Am I right?
Mochu Pinkears
Mochu Pinkears 2 days ago
its "je ne sais PAS" not "quoi" but wtvr lol
JCC 2 days ago
hey wait quig is prestons friend why yours?
Macleod plyz
Macleod plyz 2 days ago
The friendship what you're talking about is a is it true because you and smallishbeans are married and I know it because smallishbeans is talking about in his videos
Guiada Rafaele CALATRAVA
1. Green is the color of your wand 2. Finding pandas was the cause of your first death 3. The name of your shop is "Frog Prince Boutique" 4. one of your animals name is "Moon Paw" 5. Your secret enchanting area :D
Cupcake_ Rainbow
Cupcake_ Rainbow 2 days ago
Pink i think 👉🏻👈🏻 fall damage 🥲 The prince boutique poison ivy your secret basement room!!
Kate Wilson
Kate Wilson 2 days ago
The reson Katherine passed is because they both have neather star armor
Derick Eshelman
Derick Eshelman 3 hours ago
No why would that contribute in any way
cosette kuhn
cosette kuhn 3 days ago
Emily Liu
Emily Liu 3 days ago
1. your first one was and is green 2.That three headed beast I don't remember the name of.... 3. froggy prince boutiqe 4.Daisy (the cow) 5.fernando and his trident
Emily Liu
Emily Liu 3 days ago
I meant to type 'fall damage' for my answer for number two, heh, typo. Belive it. (kinda ironic given how much precaution lizzie took with to water for fall damage when building her house and all, but, you know ... heh.
Christen Erin PIGOT
The unique thing in your house is you :)
Shadow X
Shadow X 3 days ago
1. Green 2. Hitting the ground to hard 3. ? 4. Moon law 5. Fernando 's Trident
Røbløx Sįstėrš
Number one green number宝2 I think it is fall damage
Henry and I
Henry and I 3 days ago
Death has emerged from that hall of friendship!! And it’s boney 😂
Tom Sadz
Tom Sadz 3 days ago
Green fall damadge frog Prince boutique Turtle Jeremy and last froggy dhair
1:frog prince carpet shop 2:green wand Sorry I couldn’t pause it I would trust you and fall
5:a turtle named Jeremy and a grumpy panda you got as your familiar for your witch coven test
4:Aquarium with seahorse in
3: fall damage
Trinity Boardman
Trinity Boardman 3 days ago
Gavin Cranston
Gavin Cranston 4 days ago
Your wand is green💚
Izzy 4 days ago
Green full damage the frog prints boutique froggy chair turtle Jeremih
Dahlia Henry
Dahlia Henry 4 days ago
Can't you just make a reverse spell?
Marek Stasiow
Marek Stasiow 4 days ago
Your wand is green
elqctric 4 days ago
lizzie pulled an adrien agreste when she friendzoned joel
Valentina Raffaelli
but i want you to be friends with everyone
BFFAE Gaming
BFFAE Gaming 4 days ago
Lizzie: GIVE ME UR STUFF Everyone else on the server: ok here They leave and try to use their ring of flight hmm where did I put my ring of flight LIZZZZZIIIIEEEEE
Lucci Brasco
Lucci Brasco 4 days ago
Lucci Brasco
Lucci Brasco 4 days ago
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Brynlie Hogg
Brynlie Hogg 4 days ago
1. Green. 2. Fall damage 3. Frog prince boutique 4. The cow daisy 5. Your secret basement
Sherfield Parker
Sherfield Parker 5 days ago
This episode is also cute
Sherfield Parker
Sherfield Parker 5 days ago
OoOo this episode is cooool ♡︎♡︎♡︎ 𓆉𓆉𓆉
Zara Suldisha
Zara Suldisha 5 days ago
When you couldn’t put the lights on it was because you didn’t make then twinkle -_- lol.
Yuying Wang
Yuying Wang 5 days ago
You were killed by a monster in the bamboo forests while trying to find pandas.
Johan Jeivick Domrique
New Book In Marketplace: Heros Of Minecraft!
Alondra Sanchez
Alondra Sanchez 5 days ago
And you’re one of the color of your wine is
Luvy Gamboa
Luvy Gamboa 5 days ago
I know what color is your wand is color green 💚🍏🍏💚🍏🍏💚🍏🍏🍏💚🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏💚
Cole Huntoon
Cole Huntoon 5 days ago
Name something unique in your house: my answer is your house
W͜͡i̥ͦl̆̈l̥ͦi̺͆a͎ጠ A̶f̸t͟o̥ͦn̾
1= lime 2: frog prince 3: zovaid (or zodack) (srry for the spelling
Mila Contino Clark
I'm the biggest fan if I was doing X life I would get the questions right
Paul Moon sun
Paul Moon sun 6 days ago
Moon sun moon moon sun
Haley Ricker
Haley Ricker 6 days ago
1 Green 2 falling 3 the frog prince Boutique 4 Jan Pan-Pan 5 Frenando the seahorse and the flower wall and froggy chair thrown
Sydney Thomason
Sydney Thomason 6 days ago
what about laruren?
1 q ans : green color 2 q ans : fall damage 3 q ans : frog prince botique 4 q ans : moon paw 5 q ans : froggy chair
Jessica Alexie
Jessica Alexie 6 days ago
your wand is green and has cool effects
Esh_Playz 6 days ago
1. Your Witch Wand Is Green In Colour. 2. In Episode 5 / 6 You Had Your First Death. (Which I Was Not Happy Of) 3. Frog Prince Boutique. 4. Bao Bao The Panda, Turtle Jeremy, Jei Jei. 5. In Your Basement It Looks Like A Normal One But There Is Secret Rooms :)
Peyton dolbee
Peyton dolbee 6 days ago
1. Green 2. Fall damage 3. Forgot it sorry 4. Turtle jeremy 5. Frog chair
kymani bennett
kymani bennett 6 days ago
Moon Paul
kymani bennett
kymani bennett 6 days ago
Your first death is from Fall damage
kymani bennett
kymani bennett 7 days ago
Your wand is green
Ariana ツ
Ariana ツ 7 days ago
1. Green! 2. Falling- 3. The Frog Prince Boutique! 4. Fernando (the Seahorse)! 5. Automatic sheep-shearing contraption! I know this is like- an old video but I've just started binge watching X Life lol.
Sarah Baker
Sarah Baker 7 days ago
1. What is the color of my witch wand(answer is green) 2. What is the name of my shop(answer is the frog prince boutique) 3. What caused my first death(answer is fall damage) 4. Name one of my animals( one of the answers is blood moon)
Sarah Baker
Sarah Baker 7 days ago
I forget to write number five 5. Name something in my house that is unique ( one of the answers is the secret enchanting room)
Queen Bee
Queen Bee 7 days ago
Your wand is green your first death was caused by fall damage The name of your shop The frog prince You have a cow named Daisy And you have a golden furnace! I’ve only watched three minutes of your video but I can’t wait to watch the rest love you
Roselea 7 days ago
1. Green/Lime 2. Fall Damage 3.The Frog Prince Boutique 4. The Great Fernando 5. You have a secret bookshelf room
Kpop Is a beautiful mess
5:27 now thats a good friendship * wipes tear *
Georgia Warrell
Georgia Warrell 7 days ago
And u have a secret enchanting room
sunny grow
sunny grow 7 days ago
1: I think purple? 2: u jump with one heart and u was dead idk how to say it 3 the prince frog boutique? 4 bei bei 5 umm the seahorse!
Gabriela Toader
Gabriela Toader 7 days ago
2,3,4,5 I don't know. Sorry...😌😌😌
Gabriela Toader
Gabriela Toader 7 days ago
1. Yellow.
•Just Mure•
•Just Mure• 7 days ago
I love when you speak french xD " ehhhhhh je ne sais quoi " I'm actually french and hear an english person speak french is so cool !! I discovered your channel recently and i fell in love with you ;o xD. I hope you will see this comment even if this video is from 1 month ago.. x) love 💕💖
Itz Maddie
Itz Maddie 7 days ago
The color of her witch wand is green for her cauldron, her first death was from fall damage, the name of her shop is Frog Prince boutique one of her animals is named Moon Paw and finally something unique in her house is her groggy chair with the overgrown wall
Reese Delger
Reese Delger 7 days ago
Green Fall damage The frog prince boutique Moon paw
Reese Delger
Reese Delger 7 days ago
Your secret room in your basement
Amanda scheibl
Amanda scheibl 7 days ago
Here witch wand was green, one of here pets are named death fart (aka the zombie horse)
Polmarion Dog
Polmarion Dog 7 days ago
Ohhhhh it was death fart
Polmarion Dog
Polmarion Dog 7 days ago
Green, IDK, IDK, Butt Fart, IDK. Did I get in?
Cady Elsharkawy
Cady Elsharkawy 7 days ago
“.. Some pink flowers.” *continues to use what looks like 3 stacks worth of flowers*
Georgia Warrell
Georgia Warrell 7 days ago
Green Fall damage Frog prince boutique Death fart
zach jacob castillanes
ok this is the full things that i didt forget ur pet.s name is fernando ur house is color full u died of fall damage
Amelia Cecil
Amelia Cecil 7 days ago
Froggy chair in real life I have a froggy chair
Amelia Cecil
Amelia Cecil 7 days ago
Frog prince bouteq
Amelia Cecil
Amelia Cecil 7 days ago
First death was fall damage in panda research centre
Amelia Cecil
Amelia Cecil 7 days ago
Witch wand is green
Sophia Flores
Sophia Flores 7 days ago
I love Qui his laugh
crypticgays 7 days ago
Notep _
Notep _ 7 days ago
1) Purple? 2)Fall damage 3) Frog prince Boutique 4)Fernando 5)Froggy chair ? :0
Notep _
Notep _ 7 days ago
eek! idk if i got them all right but atleast i tried Lmao